My 17″ Compaq Monitor Turns Off after Flickering?

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Hi Readers,

For the past few days I'm facing a problem with my 17" Compaq Monitor.

When I turn it on, it works fine for about 10-15 minutes, then Flickers for a minute & then the Display Turns Off with an on screen error message "No Signal".

(Just like below).

At first, I thought it was a fault of the cable. But even after tightening the cables at both ends, the problem persisted.

I've also Changed the data cable of the monitor, but this either didn't solve the problem. Monitor turns off after 10-15 minutes.

I'm using XP, Intel 3.0Ghz HT Processor, 2GB Ram.

Please tell me, how can I solved this problem, because I really don't want to spend extra money on a New Monitor.

Many Thanks.

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My 17″ Compaq Monitor Turns Off after Flickering?


Hi Oldboy,

Thanks to share with Techyv about your problem. I think I understand about your problem. This is not your CPU problem it is 100% your monitor problem. Maybe there is power circuit damaged.

As you don't want to spend much money for new monitor, then please go through monitor reaper center. They can fix your problem with little money.

I am so sorry to tell you this little bit expense as you didn’t want to do that. But you need to do this amount must.

Best of luck with tech care.

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My 17″ Compaq Monitor Turns Off after Flickering?


It's hard to say the cause of the error here since you have not done any testing yet besides securing the cables. Since you don’t have a spare monitor so you can check if the problem is with your video card, try to ask somebody you know that has his own computer if you can bring your CPU there and let you use his monitor to check your computer’s problem.

Connect his monitor to your CPU and see if the previous condition is still the same. If the monitor still flickers and then goes blank afterwards then it is your video card that needs to be replaced.

If you are using an onboard video card, buy a new video card that is compatible with the available slots in your motherboard and then try to monitor the condition of your CPU’s board. Usually, whenever a built-in component gets broken the board is affected in some way.

As what I have noticed in some computers with a broken onboard component, they usually tend to have untimely shutdowns and sometimes while using it your system suddenly restarts. Maybe there are still other effects that I have not yet encountered.

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