Passcode when turning the iPhone off

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I accidentally lost my iPhone 3GS at the shopping center few days ago. When I stood up, my iPhone is gone which is located on my track suit pants. Someone stole it from my pocket when I kneeled down. I tried calling it but it was switched off. Before this incident happen, my iPhone is full of battery charge and it is switched on.

I have set a four digit code onto it, but the problem is anyone can turn it off if they wish to. Now, I have my new iPhone 4 and my wife’s phone which is set up through MobileMe so that I can track both phones in any case. But still, the two phones can be switched off manually without encoding any password.

My problem is what if someone took our phones again? They can easily switch it off regardless of the pass code. In that case, I cannot track it. Is it possible to activate a pass code which can be enabled when turning the iPhone off? Or is there another way to prevent this if it occurs again? Please help me solve my problem.

Thank you.

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Passcode when turning the iPhone off


Try installing Seekdroid on your phone. It will make your phone more secure and worry free about getting lost or being stolen again. With this application installed on your phone, you can track your phone from anywhere in the world by just using any computer and logging in to Seekdroid’s website.

Here are some of the application’s features:

  • Locate your phone from anywhere in the world.
  • Display your phone’s location on a map.
  • Set off an audible alarm even if it is on silent with custom message.
  • Enable GPS remotely.
  • Supports text messaging.
  • Remotely setup Seekdroid via SMS.
  • Lock the phone with customized code.
  • Retrieve recent calls.
  • Completely wipe the entire phone remotely.
  • Wipe the SD card remotely.
  • Hide Seekdroid after installation.
  • Disable Seekdroid from being uninstalled.
  • Virtually no battery drain.
  • Application works even if the device has no SIM card.
  • You can retrieve the active phone number, SIM ID and IMEI.

Seekdroid system requirements:

  • Android 2.2 or higher.
  • Network connection.

For additional assistance regarding this application, you may visit. You may download Seekdroid  or from here.

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Passcode when turning the iPhone off


Hello Lillian Mills,

I think the most important details that you should be having concerning your mobile phones is the IME number which is the like the Mac address that is unique for every phone and the serial number.

Those two are the ones that are important when it comes to tracking your phone, because even if the person who has stolen it flashes out all the contents that were on the phone including the password that you had set, the IME number and the serial number will not be changed.

So once you have the tracker installed on the phone and you know the serial number and the IME, then it does not matter whether the thief turns off the phone or not, it can still be traced.

Hope this helps.



Lee Hung

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