IPhone app that can type as we speak?

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Hi All,

IPhone app that can type as we speak?  Can anyone help me with an application that can type as we speak? Any free applications from iTunes?

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IPhone app that can type as we speak?


The Dragon Dictation is an application that types what you dictate or speak. You can use this application to send text messages, email, Twitter, Facebook, or some other social networks you have. Just simply speak, then it will automatically type your message, and  then push “send”.

It can also detect some locations and can replace the dialect or accent you have. You can also correct all the wrong words or can even edit or add the typed  message with any punctuation mark. If it detects that there’s something wrong with the record which resulted from  not  speaking properly, it will give you some word selection that you can choose from,  to correct the words.

The dragon dictation application is free in ITunes. So download it now to experience its features.

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IPhone app that can type as we speak?


A lots of accessibility options are available in iOS. "Speak Selection" is one of these which has the ability for your iPhone/iPad to read back text to you. Here’s I have described how to set up and use it.

  • How to enable “Speak Selection” on iPhone/iPad:

1. From the home screen of iPhone/iPad launch the “Setting app”

2. Tap on “General”.

3. Next tap on “Accessibility”.

4. Tap on “Speak Selection” and turn it to “On”.

5. Click on “Home button” to return to the home screen.

  • How to use “Speak Selection” on iPhone/iPad”

1.  Launch the application containing the script you would like your iPhone/iPad to speak back to you.

2. Hold your finger down on the text to read to pull up the copy or past option.

3. Highlight the script and select “Speak”

4. Now see your iPhone/iPad will speak the script back to you. 

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