“Out of memory” error on my Ableton Live

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Hello Guys,

I found this error message four times today on my Ableton Live software.

A crash log was dumped to into: /Users/Mauro/ Library/Preferences/Ableton/Live 8.2.1/Log.txt
Ableton Live
A serious program error has occurred.
Live will shut down after this message box is closed.
Out of memory
A crash log was dumped to into: /Users/Mauro/
Library/Preferences/Ableton/Live 8.2.1/Log.txt.
Please include this file in your bug report.
If you cannot find this file it is probably invisible and
you should search for invisible files or change your
settings to view invisible files and folders.
I am using a 2.8 GHz MacBook Pro with 4 GB RAM (and no other apps running simultaneously). I saw no performance issues, and I don’t believe that I actually ran out of memory.

Can anyone suggest me what to do? 


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“Out of memory” error on my Ableton Live


Usually, Live cannot determine how much memory has already been used up. Even if you're not running other applications aside from Live, working with large files on the libraries can make you reach the limits and make the system crash.

Try flattening the tracks that consumes the memory to free up some memory. You can do that by freezing the tracks first, then use the flatten command so that it will replace the original clips with the ones created by the freezing. Doing this will also automatically remove the devices and samples from the Set.

Now, if a Set crashes while loading, you can restore it by opening an empty Live Set. On the Live's browser, type in <*.als file> then click the arrow on *als file to open the menu to display all the tracks. You can now import the track by drag and drop to the empty Live Set.

Then, you can now freeze and flatten that track. You can also turn the RAM switch to Sample display off to save up memory and avoid crashes. 

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“Out of memory” error on my Ableton Live


Not enough memory on Ableton Live software does not mean there is no sufficient memory in your computer or drives. It means that memory available on the Ableton Live software to hold data or information has been filled up or application has run out of memory. In another word there is low virtual memory.

So, you have to increase virtual memory. But first try to uninstall the application,save to another location and delete the program folder. Then re-boot and re-install the application again. If it does not work then it may be happen due to another reasons.

The problem you faced, may be also due to Ableton Live software used much memory. So close all program including Ableton Live software and reopen Ableton Live software. It may solve your problem. But for proper fix please visit two links:


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