Certain converter information needed urgent

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I need to know about this converter and it says dvd writer to sata port converter. I have recently come across this term and need to know its use and other features. Should someone know about this term and its use please kindly inform me as soon as possible.

Jeremiah Mai

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Certain converter information needed urgent


DVD writer to SATA converter is an adapter so you can connect the DVD writer to the SATA port. It looks like this.

A DVD writer or any optical drive is an IDE type just like the earlier versions of the hard drive. Today, hard drives are now available in SATA type which is much faster and quite smaller than the usual early versions. This converter or adapter can be connected to the IDE port of the DVD writer or an optical drive and the other end of the cable will be attached to the SATA port on the motherboard. Here’s what an IDE port looks like.

And here’s what a SATA port looks like.


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