Other way to organize objects in web pages and how to use

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I want to learn how to use frames in HTML/HTML 5. I want to know what is the use of frames? What is the use of frame? Which one’s better to use tables or frames? What are the differences between tables and frames? Can you show me how to use frames in web page? What does “*” asterisk indicates in frame set up? Can you explain me how this is implemented and how it flows? What is a target frame? How to use it and implement it in web page?

Please help me!

Thank you!

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Other way to organize objects in web pages and how to use


Hello Janet!

Frame is basically multiple parts in the web page. It also consist of rows and columns same thing with tables. The difference only is that frames are adjustable and dynamic and more organized in appearance. Instead of using BODY pair tags we replace it with FRAME pair tags.

There several requirements to make your frames work. You need to HTML pages name it with PAGE1.html and PAGE2.html. Set it aside. Now create a new web page with file name “index.html”. Make sure that the page that you’re going to launch will be index.html.

Here is the sample output window:

Here are the codes used.



<title>by: JOHN HART</title>


<frameset cols="40%, 60%">

<frame src="PAGE1.html">

<frame src="PAGE2.html">




On Line number 6 we inserted frame by using <frameset cols”n,n”>…</frameset> This is to set the frame.

On lines 6-7. We set “src” to the specific web pages that we want to insert inside each frames.

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