Operating System is not loading after restart

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I freeze after the operating system set up was done but the message appeared on the screen

Error loading operating system_


These are the steps I did;

  • Boot Devices
  • created partition in drive c: and drive d:

After the set up been loaded that message appeared My next move was to reinstall again the operating system but the error still occurred. I'd check again the BIOS set up and place the boot devices by its proper places.


Can you check if there's wrong with the process of installing operating system? Because the error message remain as fault message. What do you think is the lacking process? Windows Xp is the Os of the computer.

Help! Thanks


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Operating System is not loading after restart


Well, you did the BIOS setup, and you did configure the boot devices. That's good.
However, if you only created the partition and stopped there, then that would be incomplete. You should not stop at just the partition part. You need to proceed. You need to continue the installation.
And do not choose the "re-install" because this may use up the existing OS files and combined it with the newly installed. A mixture of old OS files plus the newly installed files could mixed up resulting in "Error loading operating system"

Another thing to note here is that after partitioning, you have to format the partition then install the OS on that formatted partition.

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Operating System is not loading after restart


you can solve your problem by making these steps to solution.

First of all check all of your hardware such as RAM and Hard drive. Then after this check any previous installed window and delete it from hard drive and make a full format on your drive. After this you need to install the new window step by step. first of all make partitions for your hard drive by fdisk and then make one primary and two secondary partitions or make then as per your requirements. Now you need to check your disk on this step check it by applying chkdsk and then make sure your hard drives are fully functional. Once done now copy the window  files on drive and you need to install the window step by step as the whole process will guide you step by step.

I am sure in this way you can solve your problem very easily.

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