My operating system need to reinstall again and again

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I have Intel Pentium 4 pc with 3.00 Ghz processor, 2GB ram and 160 GB harddisk space.

My problem is my operating system need to reinstall again and again. After i install windows XP some days its running good.

But after some days its became slow and faces many problems. Is this problem of my harddisk or my ram or motherboard.

Experts answer me please.

Thanks is advance.

Have a great day

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My operating system need to reinstall again and again


Dear R3shad,

There will be no issues with your system Hardware components such as Hard Disk, Memory, Processor or Motherboard as they are in good working condition.

The problem is with your software’s and operating system. This is evident due to various viruses and malicious, harmful programs that run inside your operating system. They attack the System component files and Windows registry leading to a system failure after some time.   

First you need to format the system drive (C 🙂 and reinstall Windows XP. Soon after it install a strong antivirus program and update it .

Then scan the remaining partitions for viruses’ .

After that Navigate to start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore.

Create a restore point that will help you in future to avoid reinstall OS again and again. Update the windows and your antivirus program frequently to get rid of modern viruses.

You must also be aware that frequent Hard disk formatting shortens its life span.

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My operating system need to reinstall again and again


Hello! R3shad,

Regarding about that problem of yours, according to you it is running well after the installation and then some days it happens to be slow down. So you did better observe everything. But what does happen when you have the virus in your PC is that you will also encounter that problem a slow process.

Then you need to make sure you do not have any viruses on your Drives. Then next if you  still encounter again slow process then next install an anti-spyware cause spyware make your Pc's process slower. Then scan your drives. If nothing found at all. Then make sure that the Memory Stay Resident only is your Antivirus and Anti Spyware or Anti Malware. What I think of that you've got a good Pc's Spec you have a Processor Intel Pentium 4, Ram or memory of 2GB, Then a hard drive of 160GB space.

Now you have to check your Processor thermal grease then replace that thermal grease. Next if problem still occur then try to remove memory and try with a new one borrow it from your friend just for a test. And if problem still occur then there you go the problem is your hard drive.

Replace it with New one.

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