Opening email attachment using dat viewer online Mac

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I received an email attachment from a friend yesterday. The file extension is DAT.

I cannot open it here in my mac. How do I open a DAT file in mac?

I prefer to open it online. 

Are there any tools, specifically DAT viewer online mac friendly that I can use which could not corrupt the attached DAT file?

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Opening email attachment using dat viewer online Mac



Your friend is using Outlook or Outlook Express to send emails. This software automatically saves the attachment file as .dat. To view this attachment 2 solution:

Solution 1: Fortunately, there is a parade that you do not ask your correspondents to resend the message by changing their settings Outlook (which would ultimately not a bad thing). The small free utility TNEF's Enough will open these attachments without any problem. Once the application is installed and placed in the Dock, simply drag the file's icon Win.DAT to open it and then read it.

Solution 2: You can open these attachments using Thunderbird extension through its extension LookOut

Lookout takes time to "decrypt" the winmail.dat, but it does.

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Opening email attachment using dat viewer online Mac


Hi Canyon,

Good News, you can open a file by following below instructions.

1. Download TNEF’s Enough

2. It is a freeware application which can open winmail.DAT files and extract the attachment inside.

3. It is completely free of charge to use.

4. The link provided above has all the guidelines on how to use, how to install and it is completely safe and will not corrupt your files.

Hope this helps as many of the Mac users use this when they have this type of problem.


Keaton Christopher

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