How to restart and install my IMAC?

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Accidentally I deleted the extension manager in IMAC. Now the computer is not getting boot up.

I tried everything.  The screen is staying as grey.

I want to reset the computer to re-install the X Leopard. Please give suggestions to this. 

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How to restart and install my IMAC?


Hi Francine,

Though it is a rear thing to happen but it is not a new thing. The steps that I will give to you can be used on Mac OS X and even the Leopard. Before you reinstall you should first back up your files. Then you have to select the installation type you will wish to use. They are three mainly; Archive and install, Archiving and installing without preserving user and network settings, Erase and install.

After choosing the system of installation now insert the installation DVD of Mac OS X into the 1st disk drive. Restart your computer holding down the letter C as it starts, keep on holding until the grey screen appears with an apple and a small gear spinning. Select your language and press continue, click continue on the screen that follows after this. Read the Software leas agreement and Agree.The volume in which you are going to install should be selected at this point. In the option's button found at the bottom of your screen select your installation type. Click ok then continue then, after the confirmation click install. After this installation connect to the internet and run software updates then run a repair disk permission quickly. Restore the files that you earlier on backed up. Then reinstall any softwares that were affected with your installation.

I hope this will help you.


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How to restart and install my IMAC?


Hello Francine,

Actually, reinstalling Xleopard is what you will need to do because you have tampered with the operating system files which cannot be fixed. To install leopard you will need are a compatible Mac. I will also advice that you do a complete backup of all your data to avoid losing anything important as you format the computer.

For your system to work well with leopard it should have at least an Intel or PowerPC G4 or G5 processor, a DVD drive; built-in FireWire; at least 512MB RAM; and at least 7GB of free hard-disk space. But though 512 RAM sometimes works well, I recommend that you upgrade your computer to 1GB RAM.

The actual installation procedure, you will just follow the steps as you will be guided along by the installer, but I will advice that you customize the process to suit your computer accordingly.


Lee Hung


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