Open a Command Prompt in Windows 7

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While working in Windows 7, I sometimes need to open a command prompt that should start in a specific folder. How do I open a command prompt without typing "CD " and the whole path into the folder I wanted?

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Open a Command Prompt in Windows 7


This is a simple thing: 

  1. go to Start > Accessories where you can see the Command Prompt launcher
  2. Right-click on it and copy the command prompt and paste it in a place that you can easily reach (no need to be in the folder you need to start)
  3. Right-click on the newly created shortcut and open Properties.
  4. There under 'Shortcut' tab there is an option "Start in:". Give the path to your specific folder and OK
  5. Open the shortcut and check the path it is pointing now. 🙂

Hope this is what you want. Good luck!

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Open a Command Prompt in Windows 7



I had the same problem before. Giving the path is the most embarrassing work that das to do when using the command line. I usually use open source operating systems, so I am little bit familiar with the command line. But for a person who use graphical user interface this is difficult and boring.   

Here is the way you had to follow,

You can open the command prompt at the any folder in your computer.

Just go to the folded you want,

Then Right click the folder while holding the shift key then you can see a new option “Open command window here”

Just click it,

Thank you…

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Open a Command Prompt in Windows 7



To access folders using the command prompt, the method that I know of is using the 'CD' command, which you can get by going to start, then programs, from there navigate to accessories where you will see command prompt, click on it.

You simply go to the command prompt and type CD followed by the name of the folder in full quotes. For instance, if your folder is named john, you will type CD "john", then press enter to access it.

You can also change the place of access to the command prompt through the command prompt launcher which you access from the accessories on your computer programs.

Hope this helps.



Lee Hung.

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