Spice Work Agent Connection Test

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I find the following error message when I am trying to set up “Spiceworks agent”.

My system is Windows 7, 64bit.














Spiceworks Agents Connection Test

Connection failed:
System.TypeIntializationException: The
type installer for

Need your help to solve this. Thanks.

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Spice Work Agent Connection Test


Check on proxy settings .or configure correct IP address .if all fails try re-installing the agent

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Spice Work Agent Connection Test



If this is the first time that this happens, try restarting your computer then try it again. Restart your setup after booting then see what happens. But if you still receive the same error message as before, then there is probably something wrong with your network connection. If you are configuring the software on a network server, be sure to set it with the correct IP address, port number, password, and other information which will make the software access a valid connection.

You should also check the system requirements of the software you are installing. If its installer was downloaded from the web, visit that website again then check the software’s system requirements there to see if it is compatible with Windows 7 64-bit and to see additional information which can possibly answer your problem.

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