Heat sink not cooling as it should in my computer

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I have a desktop computer and the heat sink is not cooling so the computer keeps restarting. I have checked for the temperature using the bios interface and found that the core temperatures are rising to over 90 degrees then the computer shuts down. Do you need another heat sink or how can I correct for this one?

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Heat sink not cooling as it should in my computer


Hello Jeromaine,

Here are things that you can also look at:

1. Thermal Paste – Usually, when you remove the heat sink from the processor, you will see a paste like residue. It's what we call thermal paste. More often than not this is usually the case. Try to replace  it with a newer paste and see if that will solve the problem. There's a possibility that the heat sink is not fully attached to the processor.

2. Dust – More often than not, heat sinks are likely filled with dusts when not cleaned regularly. Thus, resulting to, improper ventilation. If you have a blower or a brush, try to use in your heat sink. This might do the job.

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