One hard drive is not connected when connected 3

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I am using RAID Utility for my network that tells me when a hard drive is disconnected. My problem is as follows: I have three hard drives. When all three of them are connected to my network/computer, the RAID Utility tells me that one hard drive is not connected.

I tried changing around the cables but there is always one hard drive that’s disconnected. If I unplug one hard drive, the other two are working fine. It doesn’t matter which hard drive I disconnect, when only two are connected, they are working well. But the moment I attach the third hard drive no matter which one, it tells me one hard drive is disconnected.

I am wondering if my computer/network is only capable of connecting with two hard drives. What can I do? Would a PSU test help? Thanks.

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One hard drive is not connected when connected 3


That maybe happening because the jumpers on your computers are only two and therefore only two hard drives can be connected on that computer. The third cable that may be looking like the jumper for a hard drive may be meant for another function on the motherboard. You will therefore need to pick the two hard drives that have the most amount of space on them and connect them to the computer.

But if you are sure that there are three jumpers to support three hard drives, then you will have to check which jumper is having a problem because it may be faulty, and then repair it.

-Lee Seen


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