Omit the html codes in java

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Hi could you please teach me how to remove the html codes in java please?i know everything between < and > are html codes can i use StringTokenizer? how ?

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Omit the html codes in java

Hi Josephine , hope the following steps will guide you in fixing of this issue.:..:
–>Java is a platform independent language and its better to remember that it is a programming language where as it is not a scripting language.
–>Java may use Javascripts for the development of web browsers but not used very often remember that java works only under coding like functions,pointers which do not involve scripting language.
–>String Tokenizer cannot be used as an html because of that the actions performed by it cannot have an relation with html and hence it is not preferred to use html language.
–>In Microsoft .net we can implement it as it contains much of the code as html and even we can write dynamically using the syntax of html.
–>Its better to develop application in other languages rather than java as if at all you must definitely use the html or else you build in java.
Thank you..:-)

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