OMF export error due to network error

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Hi there,

OMF export error, this is my new problem that I have which I don’t have a solution for it. I never experienced such a problem and I can’t manage it now. Can anyone help me to fix this error please ? What I did wrong ?

An error has occurred:

Assertion failed: Big_Trouble.

Filr:/Snapshots/releng.relengintel 7_1260842571/vobs/coresw/ame/Projects/Mac/../../src/msmdb/Local/Volume c, Line: 3585

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OMF export error due to network error


If you are doing an export with this task and your target drive is a network drive or a remote computer over your network, then this is probably a network error. Try checking the destination path or the target path if it is accessible on your computer. If you’ll be saving on a specific folder on a remote computer on your network then you should be able to open the folder and access the contents.

But if this is not possible and the folder or the drive is not accessible on your computer then that’s the cause why the export failed. Try mapping the drive again and see if you can restore your access to the drive. To map a network drive, in the Finder click Go then select “Connect to Server”. See image.

In “Connect to Server” dialog box, in Server Address field, enter the path of the drive you want to share. This part probably requires the assistance of your network administrator to get the correct network path of the drive to map. For example, in a homeshare, you may have the path “smb://”. After that, click on the plus sign “+” and then hit Connect. See image.

When you are prompted, enter your username and password then check “Remember this password in my keychain” then click Connect. Also, make sure Registered User is selected in “Connect as” instead of Guest. See image.

Once the drive is successfully mapped, it will appear on the upper right corner of the screen. Just double-click it to show the contents.

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