ODBC Error occurred when using Remote Server?

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I am using a remote server database software. This  software is shared by multiple users at a time. Sometimess I see “ODBC Failed” an error and immediately it stopped working. Can anyone have any idea reading how to get rid of it?

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ODBC Error occurred when using Remote Server?


Hello Lane,

First of all I’d like to say that the problem isn’t very serious cause the server is functioning. You didn’t mention about the server configuration. Though lets share some experience and lets see is it working or not.

Please follow these steps below.

1. Ping the remote server. Is it pinging or not. If yes then Have a check at the firewall option.

2. Just disable the firewall for a few minutes and try again.

3. You’ve to restart the server

Don’t forget to check every connection name and its spelling.

Good luck.

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ODBC Error occurred when using Remote Server?

Hi there Lane Andrews,
The error you're getting basically means that your connection to the server was broken and that you are not able to access it at that moment. Unfortunately, you gave us way to little details to give you the exact solution – it could be the network speed, server misconfiguration or just a temporary error.
I would suggest you to do some troubleshooting to see how many users can simultaneously work on the server without crashing it, to check your network connection speed and quality and to double check the configuration of the server to see if there are some problems with multiple users accessing the server.
The quickest workaround for your problem is to reboot the server after the crash. 
Best regards,
Drake Vivian

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