How to build your own database website?

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Hi techyv,

How to build your own database website?

I am using PHP and Html programming language in developing our small company’s website.

We just need the best database software system which is capable of handling PHP and html programming languages.

Please do give me some good advice.

Hoping for your help.


Hoping for your help and kind consideration.

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How to build your own database website?



When it comes to web developing along with database at the backend of the website, you will have 2 options:

Option 1: if you are working with ASP.Net and have a Windows based hosting then it’s better to use Microsoft web developer.

The web developer comes from Microsoft for free and all what you need is Microsoft Mail account (Hotmail) in order to download it.

I like to use the Microsoft web developer when I’m developing a website that will use the database intensively, I would rather say in this case it’s not a website with a database run on the background but it’s much closer to a web application.

Option 2: because you will do both HTML and PHP along with database your best approach is to use Adobe DreamWeaver for the interface.

The DreamWeaver is the easiest to use for web design. It has a lot of built in features that will help you through the design process.

As for the database management, you won’t even need to write any code, the program also has a built-in functions and scripts to connect to the database and perform common tasks like adding new record, delete, save, drop and refresh.

As for the database file itself, you will need a couple of software to do the following tasks:

  • Create and edit the database file (including tables, fields, relations etc.)
  • Database engine to manage and perform the common transactions on the data (create new records, deleting, dropping, searching… Etc.)
  • A testing environment because usually the website development is done offline, therefore; you will need software to simulate your real hosting environment in order to be able to test everything before uploading.

For all of the above mentioned, I give you WAMP if you are using windows OS and MAMP if you are using a MAC.

Both are free apache with PHP Myadmin and tones of feature that will make your life easy.

WAMP download:

MAMP download:

Long story short, your best approach is Adobe Dreamweaver for the website design, and WAMP OR MAMP for creating/Managing/testing your database.

Trienity Maria

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