Not able to login with DIRECTV

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Getting my DIRECTV nomad instantly, I have connected it to the router (wirelessly connected). I can see its three blue lights on. It just got a DHCP address (I’ve verified that) ; but I am unable to login in my account of Nomad application software which I have installed in my notepad. While entering directly to DIRECTV through login, it gives me an error message like- ‘’ No network connection detected. Please connect to your home network and Try Again.’’

I have been using internet connection rapidly using my laptop and my DIRECTV account working properly with my email address and password for authentication. My laptop is connected in the same subnet in which HD DVR and nomad are also connected. I can ping them correctly and they are responding to me. I have gone for troubleshooting through restarting the laptop, reinstalling nomad software, windows firewall got exceptions, disabling windows firewall and antivirus program. Still I’m facing trouble.

Can anyone please help me here ?

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Not able to login with DIRECTV



 since you were asking how to connect and log in to DIRECTV,    

When you use your laptop or desktop make sure that you see the blue lights on your desktop or laptop, remember that the directv connection was a connection that has satellite, it means that it sometimes occupies the signals and mandatory problems about the signal programs.

Of course, you need to ask your DIRECTV provider so then they would know what the problem is.

They are the only one that could help you about that credentials.


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