Norton and Mac Operating system Problem

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Today I am receiving this alert message on my Mac operating system.

It asks me to update Mac operating system or download some latest version of Mac operating system.

When I do all the steps, still the error can’t be removed.

Can you provide me a better idea about this error.

Norton Utilities

Norton Utilities has detected a new version of Mac OS X. You may need to run update your installed Norton Utilities or Norton systemWorks Components.

Please check

Don’t show this alert again.


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Norton and Mac Operating system Problem

  • This error message shows it detected a new version of Mac OS X.
  • May I ask, why this is? May be it is because you are using an Internet connection in your PC for longer periods of time and the automatic update is turned on. So the operating system is downloading its updates regularly. That’s why it requires a new Norton Antivirus because somehow the older version is not suitable for Windows now.
  • Your option is to restore your operating system from a previous time.  So, that your PC can run old Mac OS and turn off automatic update.
  • Other option is to install a update of Norton or uninstall it and reinstall it again.
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Norton and Mac Operating system Problem


This message is not an error. It is only a notice informing you that your operating system got updated and Norton SystemWorks is just suggesting if you would also like to update Norton Utilities and its components. Your computer’s internet is always ON and the Automatic Update of your operating system is enabled that is why it got updated and Norton Utilities detected the change. You may or may not follow what Norton Utilities suggests as long as it is still compatible. When you update Norton Utilities, it upgrades some of its components to match what has been updated on the running operating system.

It is good to always update but be sure that you can restore it back to its previous state if ever something odd happened. You’ll never know when it hits you.

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