Failure to save a DWG file when running a Korean Mac OS

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Dear Sir,

I attempted installing Sketchbook Designer 2013 version but encountered a problem saying that the language setting must be changed to English or French. I uninstalled it and tried to install 2012 version of SketchBook Designer but again faced this same problem. Is something wrong with the installer I am trying to install? I am using SP 2 of SketchBook Designer 2013. And I use Mac OS X 10.6 with 2 GB RAM. I have no idea on how to resolve this issue. Can anyone help me to correct this problem? Thanking you for your valuable help.

To save a DWG file when running a Chinese(Simplified),

Chinese(Traditional) or Korean Mac OS, please change

your language setting to English or French, then try again.

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Failure to save a DWG file when running a Korean Mac OS


Yes, this is actually true. This is possibly because of the symbols being used in the Chinese language. This is actually not the only application that is affected when using non-English language or characters. One good example is when setting your Mac OS X to Japanese and try burning a DVD and you will also get a similar error. Although the operating system can be set to use either Chinese or Japanese, the problem arises in the applications you use.

Sometimes because of the symbols of the characters, the programs don’t support saving of file if the content contains non-English characters or even the filename is not written in English characters. There is really no problem with your application. It’s just the setting of the operating system that creates the conflict in the file saving.

It can easily be fixed by changing the language of your Mac OS X from Chinese to English and then try saving the file again. To change the language set used by your operating system, visit AppleScript Error When Making DVD. Once the language is changed, try saving your file again and it should fix the problem.

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