No internet access due to MSIMG32.dll not found?

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Whenever I tried to connect to the internet using Firefox I see a box saying “MSIMG32.dll was not found”.

Please help me fix this.


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No internet access due to MSIMG32.dll not found?


Msimg32.dll errors are brought about by situations that lead to the deletion or corruption of the msimg32 DLL file. For some cases, msimg32.dll errors could mean a registry problem, a virus or malware on your computer or even a hardware issue.

Possible Fixes:

  • Restore msimg32.dll from the Recycle Bin. One possible cause of a "missing" msimg32.dll file is if you have mistakenly deleted it.
  • Scan your computer for viruses or malware. Some msimg32.dll errors can be caused by a virus or malware infection that containing a damaged DLL file. It is also possible that the msimg32.dll error you're seeing on your computer is related to a virus or malware program that's masquerading as the file.
  • Perform System Restore to undo recent system changes. 
  • If you have previously uninstalled a program from your computer you might want to try to reinstall the said program as it may contain the msimg32.dll file. Reinstalling the said program will replace the file.
  • Make sure that all drivers on your computer are updated. If you are getting this error message whenever you are trying to play a video game, most likely you might want to update your video card’s driver.
  • If you have just updated a driver then this error started to show, you can roll back the driver to its previously installed version.
  • Update your operating system by installing Windows updates, if available. Windows updates.
  • Download a free registry cleaner and repair msimg32.dll related issues in the registry.
  • Reformat your computer. Install Windows on your computer again. This will erase all the files on your computer so if you have important files saved in it, you might want to create a backup first. 
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No internet access due to MSIMG32.dll not found?


Hi Trevor,

There are two methods to solve this error.

1. Try to boot your computer in safe mode. While doing so Windows will open only the bare minimum files to start. If you don’t find the same problem again, start your computer in normal mode again and if you find that problem afterwards, it means some program is causing this error and you need to clean your boot.

Cleaning the boot will remove software conflicts. Please find the video here to know how to clean boot? – Or

2. There are chances that file is corrupted or having a bug. ‘MSIMG32.dll’ is a system file so you must know which system file is leading to this issue and remove it through scan.

To find a system file causing issues you shall use System File Checker Tool (SFC.exe) which will scan your all system files and to scan here is how you do it –

A. Start/All programs/Accessories/right-click on Command Prompt/Click Run as administrator.

B. If password is set as administrator, enter the password or else just allow.

C. At the Command Prompt, type “sfs/scannow” (Please see image below) and enter. The scan will start.

I think you should not have any problems then.

System File Checker Tool

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