Incompatible Add-ons of Firefox version 6.0

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Recently, I upgraded my favorite browser, Firefox to version 6.0. Well, it looked good until I tried to update my Add-ons. Some Add-ons that had been installed in previous version were not anymore accessible—not even a button or link to delete or install them, were present. Firefox listed them as  incompatible with the current version and disabled them.

What I want to do is to update or clean them (delete). But how can I do that, I can’t  find any button to do that. Please help if you think you have been experiencing this problem too. Thanks for sharing.

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Incompatible Add-ons of Firefox version 6.0

  • First,  you should set your Firefox in the “Safe Mode”.
  • Now,  to enter the hidden settings of Firefox, input this about:config into the address field then “Enter”
  • Approve the “Warning message”
  • The settings that you should search to construct is   the extensions.checkCompatibility.6.0
  • You can construct the value by clicking on the page, and then choose “New” then the  “Boolean”
  • Below the “Preference Name” input this : extensions.checkCompatibility.6.0
  • For the “Enter Boolean Value” choose the “False”
  • Now, restart your Firefox.

Check if the dialogue box of  your Add-ons has disappeared.  Check also if you can now enable again your add-ons.

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