No connector slot available for new Hard Disk

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I already have one 40 GB hard disk drive but it is not enough for me because I like to watch movies and download them.. Now, I bought one more hard disk of 300 GB, but I found that there is no connector left for it.

Each cable is connected to DVD-ROM, Hard Disk Drive, Super Drive. Please give me solutions to attach my second hard disk drive while also using first hard disk drive. Is there any possibility?

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No connector slot available for new Hard Disk


I assumed that the hard drive you bought (300GB? or is it 320GB?) is already SATA.  I also assumed that your motherboard supports SATA since you bought a SATA hard drive.

If so, then I guess you still have plenty of SATA ports on your motherboard. I'm sorry but the only solution for the above scenario is to purchase a SATA cable.

Check the power connectors of your power supply as well, since a SATA hard drive cannot connect to a Molex connector.  You will also have to buy a Molex to SATA power adapter.

Now if your hard drives are all IDE/PATA type then you can connect it as slave.  Check your hard drive manual on how to set the jumpers to configure it as a slave drive.

Hope this helps.

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No connector slot available for new Hard Disk


Hello Maazulmosaid,

The case you have mentioned is so simple. But there is one confusion that there are at least four sockets in motherboard to connect you have mentioned three devices.

But anyways if you are sure that there is no port available for the new hard disk either replace the 40GB hard drive or change the motherboard.

I think you asked this question here because there must be some idea in you mind about extension or such option. Then yes you can go for extension cable.

It can connect two drives in single socket of the motherboard. Do check the availability of power if not so by extended cable for that purpose too.

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