Next big thing for technology i.e. like iPhone

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We have seen, experienced and still use tools like Google (for Internet) and OS like Windows (for Computers). These have revolutionised the way we use the computers and I am sure there are others in other fields of technology like iPhone, iPod etc. So, what's the next big thing out there? Is it still in the making? I know there are many things the human mind has envisioned, but let's stick to reality or at least what is possible at present. Thank you. 

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Next big thing for technology i.e. like iPhone


So you are looking for a new technological revolution that can happen in the future. I found out few innovative products that can be the next step for the serious revolution of technology.

Intuos 4 – Innovative Tablet

This tablet is going to design mainly for the artists. The main concept of this product is to replace pen and paper. They try to give an all the feeling to the artist that he is working in the real environment.


FrogDesign Concept

This is another astrictive concept that implemented by FrogDesign company. It is very innovative and interesting concept. There are three main parts in it.

·         ThingBook

·         Bodynet

·         Whuffie Meter

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