New Software Download with Norton Antivirus Issue

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While researching a job to work from home, the company I was contacting stated that I needed to download their software to use for the work. 

When I started the download, my Norton Antivirus gave me a message stating that the software was new and there may be damage to my computer. 

Norton did not find a virus, but it stated that there were fewer than 5 Norton users, the software was less than a week old, and that Norton needed further information before they would guarantee that it was safe. 

The company stated that this is a new software that  they are using and it is safe. 

The job is a very good opportunity, but I'm nervous about this download. 

Should I download it and take my chances? 

How can I ensure no damage to my computer?

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New Software Download with Norton Antivirus Issue



Norton Antivirus not only designed for find any virus, but also Norton Antivirus can warn you about any kind of threat for your pc.

It will warn you about all kind of spyware, corrupted file etc. so virus is not main matter.

If you have notification like this then this is the better option that you can take a little risk to download it.

Other option is not taking risk at all if you find that software form other source.

Try to collect that software from other link or website. If you can find CD of that software then collect that from there.

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New Software Download with Norton Antivirus Issue


If your really want the job then go for it or else if you are really scared that your computer will get virus then don't but for me this is what I will do.

Solution 1:

Search for more information about the software in the internet, ask other freelancers about the software that they are telling you install. It is much better to be safe than be sorry.

Solution 2:

If your really want to take risk then go and download it. Install the software and then scan your whole system before running the new installed program. Run it and then close the program. Scan the whole computer once again to make sure.

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