Netgear fvx358 working with Cisco 3750

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I have a Netgear fvx358 working together with my Cisco 3750 switch. The Cisco 3750 will represent as the distributing switch in an organization and the Netgear will be the access switch. I just want to know if there will be no problem with the configuration of the VLAN and configure others if necessary? And also, I want to know which is more improved, the Cisco 3945 router or the Netgear fvx358? Please send me some suggestions. Thanks.

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Netgear fvx358 working with Cisco 3750


HI, It’s sounds like you are going to removing Netgear Router altogether- If it still works as a router and or firewall. You could keep it either in production or as a back-up.


The mentioned equipment is okay, just need a few action to make it easier. Mirror the internal IP address setting of netgear on the CISCO Router: All device/DHCP scope as a gateway and use it.

Make sure the ASA support the same type of VPN connections that as the Netgear does. Hopefully replicate user settings from one device to the next

-Keep VLANs/ subnets, IP routing and functions as same as possible and it should like a fairly painless transition.

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