What Is Qualcomm Babel-fish Chip?

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According to rumors, Qualcomm is building a new chip that will support a variety of LTE bands.

I believe it is called a Babel-fish chip. But what is a Babel-fish chip?

All I know is that a babel fish is a fictitious fish that can immediately do translations. Does this mean that Qualcomm is building a chip that can instantly translate waves and frequencies?

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What Is Qualcomm Babel-fish Chip?



Babelfish is an Firefox add-on to make instant translations. When we browse the web we come across various obstacles like websites in other languages, which blocks our way and causes obstruction.
Babelfish instantly translates the individual words or the entire paragraph into the language of your choice. The add-on used for the translation services of Google and yahoo are used by Babelfish.
Babelfish can currently only give instant translation to individual words with the desired reliable level of accuracy. 
Babelfish is not basically translating waves or frequencies, but it is a language translation tool used in the web to deal with the diversity of languages in web. 

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