Need some explanation to clarify internet connection

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Hi friends,

I need your help to clarify what is the differences and similarities between ADSL compared to leased line connection

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Need some explanation to clarify internet connection




The difference between ADSL and simple dial up connection is very clear.

Here are the differences given below:

1. ADSL is constant internet providing and dial up connection is very interrupting internet connection.

2. Speed of the ADSL is very high and speed of the dial up connection is very low as compared to ADSL.

3. ADSL provides the internet without interrupting your phone line. While dial up connection connect on the same line on which the phone line also working so it make your phone line busy. 

These are some difference which is significant. Hope these differences will make you clear your mind about ADSL and about dial up connection.

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Need some explanation to clarify internet connection


ADSL is the short term for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. It is a technology for transmitting or sending digital information on existing phone lines to businesses and homes at a high bandwidth. It provides an “always on” connection which is different from a regular dial-up phone service.

It is asymmetric in the sense that it uses nearly the entire channel to send downstream to the user and leaves only a small part to receive information from the user. ADSL is commonly offered at downstream rates beginning from 512 Kbps to about 6 Mbps. G.lite or Universal ADSL, which is a kind of ADSL, has been approved by the ITU-TS as a standard.

ADSL was exclusively designed to develop the one-way nature of the majority of multimedia communication where large number of information stream toward the user and only a small part of interactive control information is returned. A leased line, on the other hand, is a telephone line that has been leased or rented for private use. A leased line is also called a dedicated line.

It is a symmetric or private bidirectional telecommunications line between two or more locations provided in exchange for a monthly rent. In the United Kingdom, it is known as data line or private circuit.

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