Useful UNIX Networking commands for routing

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What are the most common and useful Unix networking commands for routing? What is the best way to familiarize myself in its functions and usage?

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Useful UNIX Networking commands for routing


Dear friend,

  • Below are the most common command useful in routing

route – Show manipulate the routing table (it comes with many options)

netstat – network status command.

Ifconfig – network interface command.

  • Connectivity Commands


telnet host

telnet ip-number

  • routing

netstat –r print routing table

route…params setting a static route path in routing table

routed – used for dynamic routing

gated – it used the OSPF, EGP and RIP protocols.

traceroute- used for tracing route of IP packet.

Arp – print the Arp table.

NFS/NIS – network file system

The best way to familiarize yourself with above and other more Unix networking command is to practice each and every command of networking with as many option as possible and try to understand it practically if you know about networking concepts and protocols.

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