Unix Networking

Unix Networking

This is an array of errors we come across quite often where error message is generated as report engine crashes as it receives a task from the report server. How can we identify related problems from this section of error reports and solve them?

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Often while working on UNIX report servers we come across an error message which says error REP-50125 has been encountered along with details of the exception and often without it. How can we deal with this wide spectrum report to identify the problem and solve it?

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Often when duplicate processes run simultaneously in a UNIX system report requests from report servers hang up and can lead to serious performance issues. What can be a workaround this process?

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NET programmer, and I've never programmed for UNIX. Now I'm developing in planning to start my network programming skills in UNIX environment, and I do not know what type of UNIX operating system, and I should start and run what language. I think starting with Java as a language for programming with the UNIX operating system, but to start. Please advise.

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I want to get QAS to integrate Mac computers to Active Directory and use it as SSO. I also want to configure drive mappings and set up an auto-mounted login. What are the steps I can follow to be able to accomplish this? Your response would be highly appreciated.

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Instead of providing the correct Email and password iMesh is providing the error message which you can see at the below image. I have credentials even then it is showing this.


‘iMesh Login
The email and password you have entered do not match our records.
Please enter your email address and password again.’
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Hi Experts,

I want to connect to Unix from VB/ VBA. Please send me the proper procedure for Unix client VBA.

Thanks & Regards,

Olivia Talley

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I am using PicPick 3.1.5 (Printscreen-Tool) on our Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64) with Citrix XenApp 6.5. Everything work perfectly when I access the XenApp-Server with Windows Citrix-ICA-Clients.

But when I access the XenApp-Server with a Linux based Citrix-ICA-Client and start PicPick the problem begins.
An error message is shown from the linux Citrix-ICA-Client:

Citrix Receiver The X Request 53.0 caused error: "11: BadAlloc (insufficient resource for operation)" 

After clicking OK the ICA-Session get killed. What should I do to solve this problem?

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Our office has four networked computers. We use a shared printer connected to one of the computers.

Printing is very slow and sometimes fails alto gather.

We  do the printing after restarting the main computer which means we have delays in our printing jobs.

Our technician has failed to Solve this problem and on my part  i feel it has do with a faulty network.


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I want to create a multi-chat UDP that can run in UNIX or Mac OSX systems. Can you provide me an advice on how it can be done? Or at least an overview of my goals and what I are the pros and cons of my goals. Thanks in advance.

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