Need to ram and graphics card combination

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I need to now the ram size appropriate for my graphics card which is shown in the picture below. Just for information my desktop processor is intel core i5. I need to know  what size of ram is appropriate for this graphics card. Please kindly assist me to solve this problem.

Christian Brigg


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Need to ram and graphics card combination


Hi Christian Briggs,

Choosing RAM is not based on the Graphics card you are using. You need to choose your RAM based on type of applications or games you are using.

For heavy gamers who likes to play hardcore games like Syndicate or Crysis 2, you will need more memory RAM with minimum of 4GB. For medium games and other application usages you might need minimum of 2GB RAM.

For selecting what type of RAM you can use on your system you can use the Crucial System Scanner available for free. Check it out in here : . You can also buy directly from them too.

Hope this helps you!!!!!!!!


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Need to ram and graphics card combination


Whatever video card you have or want to use, the amount of RAM doesn’t matter. You can use any video card regardless of the amount of RAM installed on your computer. Every video card has its own RAM to use called video RAM. For dedicated video cards, the video RAM it uses is exclusive to the video card.

It has its own memory separate from the computer’s memory. For built-in video cards like Intel graphics adapters, the video RAM it uses is a shared memory with the computer’s physical RAM. It doesn’t have its own memory to use unlike with dedicated video cards. If you want to upgrade the memory of your computer to the max, you need to check the specifications of your motherboard.

The amount of RAM you can install depends on the motherboard. To know the maximum amount of RAM you can install, visit your motherboard manufacturer’s website and look for your motherboard’s model.

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