Need Help With Vendors Or NPC In Fallout 76

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Need a little help with buying and selling in-game stuffs in Fallout 76. As I roam the map or a particular location, I sometimes encounter vendors roaming around. How do I find other possible vendors in a location? I know there are different types of vendors in the game. What items can’t I sell to a vendor?

Also, what items does a vendor normally buy?

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Need Help With Vendors Or NPC In Fallout 76


In Fallout 76, vendors are normally found in Appalachia and they will normally buy and sell items for caps. Vendors are normally located inside train stations but there are some located in buildings, general areas, and some roam around the map. Vendors are separated in different factions and every vendor carries 200 caps as currency.

There are seven (7) types of vendors: Responders, Raiders, Free State, Brotherhood of Steel, Enclave, Whitespring, and Unique. For the items you can’t sell to a vendor, vendors don’t buy the following:

  • Boiled Water
  • Wood
  • Pre-War Money
  • Holotapes
  • Misc items such as Gunpowder and Ore
  • Ammo
  • Unbulked crafting components

Now, if you want to sell items, vendors buy these:

  • Junk items that have not been scrapped
  • Bulk crafting components
  • Aid Items
  • Outfits
  • Weapon and Armor Mods
  • Weapons and Armor
  • Some high quality crafting components such as silver scrap, black titanium scrap, fiberglass, nuclear waste, and waste anti-septic

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