What are the top 10 gadgets for men?

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I'am a hardcore gamer. I want to play more games and the likes. I used to play with my PS3, PSP, and PC. Now I was kinda bored with all of those gadgets now, I wonder what are the top 10 gadgets for men? Something like only or mostly men would like.

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What are the top 10 gadgets for men?



If you are bored with the gadgets that you used to play why don’t you try other gadgets that are not for gaming? You should also try gadgets that used outdoor activities or other gadgets that may interest you. Here are the gadgets that you can try and surely enjoy.

1. RipFlash™ MP3-WPA Player and Recorder

2. The Hydro-Bronc Water Walker 3. The i-Scape Head Mounted Display 3D

4. Casio Color Wrist Camera Watch

5. Little BadA** Miniaure Motorcyle

6. Crosskate 616 Backcountry Skate

7. Mocha P4 – Mini High- Power PC

8. All-Terrain Mountain Boards

9. Motorized Inline Skate

10. Casio satellite Sports Watch

If you still want to play games you can try the Nvidia Project Shield, Sony PlayStation 4 or the XBOX 720 that has launched this 2013.

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