DVD drive malfunction, HP laptop

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Hello friends,

I have HP Pavilion dv6000 series laptop. Recently I have problems with its DVD drive.

It doesn't read DVD every time.

I tried cleaning lens of the drive, still problem is not solved.

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DVD drive malfunction, HP laptop


Hey Lewis alberto!

Well if you have cleaned the lenses of your DVD Rom and still it's not working then it sounds like a hardware problem. There is no problem in your windows or any software. Sometimes DVD did not read the DVD or CD due to its weak lenses.

You should give a proper check to the DVD Rom and I would like to recommend you that if your Laptop is in warranty then you can claim your warranty. Discuss your problem with your services provider they will fix the issue. I hope that you understand it.


Tunacao Caaron


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DVD drive malfunction, HP laptop


If your DVD drive no longer reads any disc you insert, that is actually normal for old and ageing devices. If you have an old and ageing optical drive, sooner or later it will eventually stop reading discs. No matter how you clean its lens, even if you use expensive CD lens cleaners, it will still not be able to read discs.


One example is my sister’s laptop and my desktop computer. The optical drive on my computer is a lot older than hers. Currently, the optical drive on her laptop is no longer functioning. It can no longer read discs no matter how I clean it. It just doesn’t read.

But the optical drive on my computer is still functioning though there’s a slight problem on the tray, it no longer ejects properly. I need to push the lever underneath the tray manually to eject the tray. I already removed the front cover so I can easily push the lever every time I need to insert a disc.

But aside from that, it still works perfectly when reading and burning CD-Rs and DVD-Rs. This problem is actually common on laptops than on normal desktop computers. The only difference is that it is easier to replace the optical drive on desktop computers than on laptops probably because they are built differently. There is actually nothing you can do once the optical drive stops reading.

Just replace it with a new one. It is generally a hardware failure.

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