Need Help To Know What is BACK LINKING???

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I would like to know about Back linking?

I would like to know in details. Any recommended web sites, You tube Links or any article Reference.

I want to become a back linking expert, i need help in this particular field?

Could some one help me in this ?


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Need Help To Know What is BACK LINKING???


Hi Zohab

Backlinking is the method of linking posts in the internet that are of the same topic. This helps anyone reading the post to get more information he wants.

I will give you an example of backlinking. Suppose you get an answer to your question posted now on techyv, someone else reads the answer and then he himself answers a similar question using material from the answer you get, editing it and adding new piece of information. Then he will link his answer to the original answer that was posted here. In this way a person reading the answer here will go to the link and look at similar answers which make him more informed on the subject.

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Need Help To Know What is BACK LINKING???


Hello Zohaib,

Back links are links that are found on a website which are from other web pages. They are also called incoming links or inward links. This links are received by a web node like a web page, website or a directory from another web node.

The basic function that the back links are meant to do is to enable you keep track of other web pages on other web sited that you have linked your posts to.

The back links may also be used an advertising and referral tool about the existence of other websites.

Hope this helps.


Mahesh Babu

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