Need to download a text file (.txt) using Putty

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I am using Putty to remotely connecting to a Unix system. I need to download a text file (.txt) into my local machine using Putty. I want to know that which commands are required to download that .txt file using Putty. I am waiting for your expertise.


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Need to download a text file (.txt) using Putty


You can use PSCP to download the .txt files. It is a command line application, and therefore you will not run it by simply double-clicking on its icon to run it. What you will need to do to run it to first bring up a console window, which is also called the ‘MS-DOS Prompt’  in the earlier versions of windows or the ‘Command Prompt’ in the latest version of windows operating systems like XP and Vista. The command prompt is available from the Programs section of your Start Menu.

To be able to start PSCP, you will need to make sure that it is on your PATH or in the current directory. The following is the code that you will need to type in the console windows so as to add the directory containing PSCP to your PATH environment variable:

set PATH=C:pathtoputtydirectory;%PATH%

Note that the above code will only work for the lifetime of that particular console window that you have opened.

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