Need offline package installer in Ubuntu

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I'm a new user in Ubuntu. My internet connection is too slow to download or update Ubuntu software packages. Is there any way to install those via the offline mode if I could collect the software packages from my friends while they have a very fast internet connection.


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Need offline package installer in Ubuntu

Yes, you can install all Ubuntu software in offline mode. My advice you better only install the software, add the software's link address to repositories, then online everyday only for update them. With update everyday, it won't hurt your time and connection speed too much, of course to install the software:

1. Collect all software (mostly .Deb files), save them in one folder
2. Double click one of them, then wait until Ubuntu Software Center open.
3. Click "Install" button, on above the screenshot. See image below

Google chrome stable

4. Wait until it installed to your computer.
5. Do the same way to the other softwares.

Next you must add the ppa link address of every software you install before to the repositories.
1. Ctrl+Alt+T to open a Terminal
2. Insert command : sudo adds-apt-repository ppa: your-software-pa
3. Add all your software's ppa link address
4. Now update all your software with command : sudo apt-get update

More often you update, you won't need too much time or faster connection to download the updates 🙂

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Need offline package installer in Ubuntu


Download the entire Ubuntu repository using the apt – mirror.

# apt-mirror /etc/apt/mirror.list

After done, modify the server address /etc/apt/sources. List to localhost while everything remains the same.

Then link repository to www.

# mount –bind /var/spool/apt-mirror/mirror/ /var/www/

Start the apache web server

# /etc/Inuit. d/apache2 start

Then you can install any software using apt-get from the local repository.

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