My Xbox shuts down and freezes….

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Hello Everyone,

Recently i am facing a shutdown problems with my xBox. And it freezes often. What should i do now?

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My Xbox shuts down and freezes….



This is the most usual problem with xBOx 360, which leads to “ring of death”.

This happens due to the Fault of the makers of Xbox, for some reason and to meet the deadline for the release of xbox 360, Microsoft has installed a fan in it which is not sufficient for this high end game console, so when you play for a longer period of time, your xBox 360 shut down for getting overheated, and if you continue to use it the way you are using it you will have to face more greater problem.

Therefore, to avoid the problem further you have to use it in the minimal level, and use an external table fan to keep it cool.

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My Xbox shuts down and freezes….



There can be several reasons why your xbox is malfunctioning. Hopefully this will solve the problem or get you in touch with the right people to get you back into the game as soon as possible with fewer interruptions.

As far as the freezing aspect of the console try these steps and see if the offer a solution:

Clean the disk that you are currently playing and see if it continues to freeze, if so try another game and see if it still occurs. Test to see if freezing only occurs when you play xbox live by playing offline for a little while and see if it does not freeze then its possibly an internet connection.

Make sure the console is in a well ventilated area away from other electronics never put console in an enclosed space, do not stack devices above or below console, never set it on any soft surfaces ( bed, sofa, carpet, or throw rug) place on a hard surface.

Move your console away from any heat sources (television ventilation openings, electronic devices, heating vents, and direct sunlight. Turn on your console and try again.

If this does not work then try clearing your cache. To do this you need to hit the guide button on your controller, go to the settings tab, then select storage or memory, from this screen you can highlight any storage device listed (all will be deleted whether selected or not so you only need to choose 1) then click Y on your controller, select clear system cache and when prompted to confirm clearance select yes.

If this does not work try removing your hard drive temporarily. To do this you need to locate the hard drive (located either on the left side or top of your console depending on positioning), press the release button to remove it, lift the hard drive away from the console, wait 30 seconds then reattach.

Make sure the hard drive is recognized by the console by pressing the guide button on your controller, going to settings, system settings, storage or memory and making sure the hard drive appears. If it is not listed try unattached and reattaching again. If this resolves the problem it means that you need a new hard drive which you can order from the online service center at the link given below.

If the problem continues after all these steps have been taken then you may need to have your system repaired and in this case you can submit and online repair ticket also located at

Try these steps to see if this helps with the shutting down of your system:

First step is to see which led light comes on. There are 5 lights to look for; green on the power supply, red on the power supply, red light on the console (also known as the ring of death),yellow/orange on power supply, and no light on the power supply at all. These all have different meanings so you need to be aware of what they are and what they mean.

Red on console (ring of death)- means that your system is overheated. To avoid this keep console in a well ventilated area and you may want to invest in an external fan to blow extra air on the console to keep it cool.

Green Power supply light- means that it just needs to be restarted. Shut off console and wait 30 seconds and then try to turn it back on. In some cases you have a chance of getting three flashing red rings. In this case you will need to call technical support for help. Make sure you watch and see what order the three lights flash because you will need to notify the agent on the phone so that the right ticket can be submitted for the repair.

Red power supply light- means that a fault in the system has been detected. In this case the system will shut itself down to prevent and damage to the console or power supply. Turn off the console and disconnect all cables and power block also disconnect from the wall socket. Reconnect all cables and see if it works.

If not, make sure that all cables are plugged in correctly. Always plug console directly into the wall outlet, other power sources such as extension cords, surge protectors, or power strips may not have the correct voltage required. If the problem persist and you have access to other cables try them. If it works with the new cables it means you have faulty wiring and it needs to be replaced.

Orange/yellow supply light- means that the console is turned off or that the power supply is disconnected or not fully inserted into the power socket of console. Try by disconnecting all the cords and reconnecting them making sure they are all fully inserted into the right areas.

No light from the power supply at all- check to make sure that the power supply is connected to the wall socket. Try doing an outlet test. This is done by plugging in a lamp or small appliance into the socket that you will be using. If it works then you might have a damaged power cord. Try using a different set of cords and cables if you have access to them. If they work then you will need to have the faulty cords replaced.

I hope these solutions help you fix your problems, but if not you can always contact xbox via the internet at and they will be able to further assist you and hopefully get you back into the game.

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