Having trouble on uploading data

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I am doing some online applications using internet explorer I have logged on properly.

I uploaded my data but it is not being saved or attached, I have done this severally but it’s not working out, my profile also is not yet completed.

Please let me know where I could be wrong?

I am desperate because today is the due date for submitting the applications. 

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Having trouble on uploading data


In an online application, you are required to log-in to your account to get in to your profile. Sometimes, due to long of inactivity, profile time out and it log-you-out automatically even though the page is still shows you are logged in.

You'll need to re-login back and send the data once again, you should be able to upload the file without any trouble.

Make sure that the data you are trying to upload is on your computer hard drived. If not, then this might be the problem. If the files you are trying to upload is saved on a 3rd party hard drives or in a USB, it requires you to save a copy of this file in your computer hard drive. After the file is saved, then you should be able to upload the file and will run closely to finished your profile.

Look for the file you want to upload
Copy the file and Save it to your folder or documents
Upload back this file on your profile

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Having trouble on uploading data


Hallo Anthony,

The reason that you are experiencing that problem is because you have slow internet connections which will not be suitable for internet explorer which according to me is a very slow browser. So you should minimize on the sites that you have opened or if there is anything that are downloading stop it so that the data that you are trying to upload may have enough bandwidth to be able to upload successfully.

You could also try another browser, and I will recommend for you Mozilla Firefox or Google chrome. They are one of the fastest browsers and they are very light which will be something to work with for the slow internet connection that I think you have, Otherwise try restarting the device that you are using for internet, whether it is a modem or  a router to see if the speed of the internet will go up.


Mahesh Babu

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