My recycle bin shows files even after emptying

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Hello everyone,

I have am HP desktop computer running on Windows Vista Service Pack 2. And, I do not know if my computer was attacked by virus or something. But, whenever I delete files inside my recycle bin, meaning I have deleted all of it and it is empty, it shows that there are still files in there.

I have restarted my machine, then right clicked on the empty recycle bin. Then, checked it once again and there were files still in there. Also, I did a complete system scanning and my anti-virus did not find anything. I do not know what is happening. Please enlighten me.


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My recycle bin shows files even after emptying


Hi Wilson,

It sounds like your computer’s recycle bin folder might have been corrupted.

Here are ways to fix this problem for Windows Vista:

1. Command Line – You may fix this problem though the command prompt.

  • Click Start.
  • Type CMD in search box.
  • Run the Command Prompt window as an administrator if prompted.
  • In the command line, type: rd /s /q C:$Recycle.bin
  • Press Enter.
  • Repeat the same command line for other drives, replacing the drive letter.
  • Restart the computer.
  • It should be empty now.

2. MS Fixit – If you do not want to go to the command prompt or is afraid to make mistakes, you may also use the;

  • Microsoft Fixit.
    It helps you fix the same problem by just letting it run.

3. Show Hidden Files – Another manual way to do solve this problem is to reset the Recycle Bin.

  • In any open window, click Tools.
  • Folder Options.
  • View tab.
  • Show hidden files and folders.
  • Remove the check mark on the “Hide protected operating system files”.
  • OK.

4. Recycle Bin folder – Once you have set the system to show the hidden files,

  • Open drive C:/
  • Locate the $RECYCLE.BIN folder.

5. Delete – After finding the $RECYCLE.BIN folder, delete it using the right click.

6. Safe Mode delete – If you find that you are not allowed to delete it, boot into Safe Mode and delete the folder from there.

7. Confirm – If prompted to confirm the deletion and if the UAC asks, then just continue it and confirm.

8. All current items – When the Delete File window appears and asks if want to delete the file permanently, put a check mark in the Do this for all current items and press Yes.

9. New Recycle Bin – After it’s deleted, a new one should be created and all the files inside gone too. Refresh the computer by right clicking the desktop and selecting Refresh. You may also restart the computer.

10. Hide Hidden Files – Follow #3 but choose Hide protected operating system files instead.

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My recycle bin shows files even after emptying


There can be of two type of problems one I first one it may be a reason of your icon you are using and it is not changing on the empty recycle bin. Second reason is that you are not able to delete files from your recycle bin. In both case I will tell you how to solve them.

In first situation right click on desktop and select properties now in window click on desktop tab and then Customize Desktop. Here you will see your recycle bin errors for full or empty you can choose them from here and can make them different.

In second situation it may be due to the reason that your files are virus infected or some system file. So when ever you want to delete system files use ADD/REMOVE programs it is located under Control panel and then add/remove program.

How in this case if you want o delete them properly first delete program files and then delete system files.

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