How to retrieve deleted fonts

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Hey there Techyv readers,

I hope you can help me. I am trying to install one of my new downloaded fonts. I got loads of them because;I will need it in one of my typography projects. Unfortunately, after the installation, I accidentally deleted one of the fonts in the fonts’ folder.

It is very easy to download fonts and install them I know. But the problem is, I do not know exactly what font I have deleted.

Call me clumsy, but that was really an accident.

So, if you have got any ideas in mind on how do I get an unknown name font back, please let me know as every fonts matter to me because of my line of work. By the way, my laptop’s running on Vista.

Please send ways to resolve it related to Vista.



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How to retrieve deleted fonts


Hi Lucas,

I’m sorry to hear what happened. Here are some things you can try to restore the fonts and possibly other files you may have deleted before.

1. Recycle Bin – Since you’ve just accidentally deleted the font file, it would most likely still be in the Recycle Bin.

2. Check the icon – If you are not sure what you may have deleted, check the Recycle Bin for an icon with the letter O or A or TT. These icons represent fonts.

3. Restore it – Once you’ve found an icon with the above description, right click and restore it. It should go back to the folder where it was deleted from and you’ll be able to use it again.

4. Not in the Recycle Bin? – There is a preinstalled File Recovery tool in Vista called the Shadow Explorer. This utility creates “Shadow Copies” of your files that Vista restore every now and then.

5. Launch ShadowExplorer – By default, Shadow Explorer should be running as administrator, if not, right click it and choose Run as Administrator

  • Start
  • Programs
  • ShadowExplorer

6. Choose the date– Once you get ShadowExplorer running, in the drop down menu select the date BEFORE the accidental deletion of the font happened. Make Sure that you are choosing the C:/ Drive or the drive where you have your system files if it was deleted in the fonts folder. If not, then choose wherever drive it was deleted from.

7. Navigate – If you have mistakenly deleted the font from inside the Fonts folder, double click C:/ and select Windows, then Fonts folder. If you have deleted the font from somewhere else then just navigate to that location.

8. Export – Select the folder where the file was from. Right click it and select EXPORT. A window will pop up to let you browse where you’d like to put the folder. Save it to a different location first to avoid overwriting the folder that is still existent, like the Fonts folder. After exporting the shadow copy of the folder open it and see what is missing from the original folder. On the other hand, you can copy all the contents of the exported folder and paste it into the original folder but make sure to NO when vista confirms you to replace the existing file. That way the original files will not be replaced and only the missing file will be pasted in.

9. System Restore – Another option to get system files back if the System Restore, if what you have accidentally deleted is one of the default fonts (fonts that came with the installation of Vista), System Restore can help you restore those too.

  • Start
  • All Programs
  • Accessories
  • System Tools
  • System Restore
  • Put in an administrator password or provide confirmation if prompted.
  • Choose a date of restoration (Choose the day before it happened)

Note: If you choose to do a system restore, first create restore point to go back


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How to retrieve deleted fonts



I can help you recover the deleted font on your computer.

Please try the following steps.

  • Check your Recycle bin and if you find any fonts in it, right click it and hit on “Restore”.
  • If you don’t find any font files in your Recycle bin, you’ll need to restore your computer to an earlier stage.
  • To restore, type “rstrui” in the Run command (Windows key+R key) and follow the simple instructions.
  • Once you have finished restoring, the computer will get restarted automatically.
  • You’ll now see the deleted font on your computer.

Thanks and regards,

Skarbos Jay.


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How to retrieve deleted fonts


It is really sad to know this.

Do you delete from recycle bin also? If yes then you can use some data recovery software to get your font back.

I am using Icare data recovery software.

Because it helps me to find exact format of data. You can you font there using its extension.

Then it will be easy

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How to retrieve deleted fonts


Hello Lucas,

If you delete your font, it would be in Recycle Bin. If you deleted form Recycle Bin as well, there is only one option you have. Restore your computer on the previous date. It will automatically come to specific folder. 

Hope this will help you.

Thank you.

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How to retrieve deleted fonts


Hi Lucas Brody,

You can restore your font by returning to the same website where you downloaded the font or to another website that has the same font. There is a lot of websites that offering free fonts carry the same fonts or even similar fonts with different names. Download the font you need to your computer desktop, then right-click on the font file with your mouse and select "Install" The font will be installed into the appropriate font folder and available immediately.

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