Is my power supply the reason behind reboots?

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We changed the position of our PC yesterday while we were managing our room. The PC worked fine in the old room but it reboots itself these days. A sound is produced inside the casing but I don't know what's that. Is it the power supply which is causing this? How to fix this problem?

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Is my power supply the reason behind reboots?

It's a doubtful problem. Mostly, the system automatically reboots due to following reasons:
1) Problem in hardware device
2) System Issue
3) Fault in the Program 
4) Memory problem
5) Malware Issue
7) Power
Get a hardware monitoring program and check that voltage are correct. Also check your power supply is not damaged or broken. 
If a reboot is due to hardware, window will show notification on start up. So, I think the fault is in your power supply.
Try another power cable I am sure the problem will solve. 
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Is my power supply the reason behind reboots?


If your computer randomly reboots by itself and you hear a noise from inside the CPU, it could be a problem with the CPU cooling system. That noise could be coming from the cooling fan of the processor. Try changing the cycle rate of the processor cooling fan to a much higher value to make it operate at a much higher speed.

Not all motherboards support this, though. If the cooling fan is not operating at optimum speed, the processor will heat up at a much faster rate and might reach the maximum temperature which will result to overheating. When the CPU overheats, the system will immediately turn off or restart.

To adjust the operating speed of the cooling fan, start or restart the CPU then press Del, Delete, F2, or whichever key is used to go to the BIOS. In the BIOS, navigate to every section and locate an option called “Fan Speed Control”. Select the fan you want to adjust then hit Enter. Select a much higher speed from the list higher than the previous value.

When you are finished, hit Esc then save the settings and then let the computer restart. If this doesn’t work, try replacing the cooling fan for the processor with a new one.

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