Cannot use Windows XP SP3

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My PC configuration: Intel Celeron 2.2 GHz; Gigabyte motherboard, 512MB RAM, 128 External graphics card(FX5200). But I cannot run Windows XP SP3. It slows the PC.


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Cannot use Windows XP SP3


Seeing your system requirement I think your PC is too old. Your PC is developed before releasing of Windows XP SP3. Your PC is quite well. You need some requirements to use it nicely. Your processor's clock speed is well, but your RAM is too low. You should increase it. 1 GB is fine for Windows XP Service Pack 3. I think you should change your PC configuration. I think your processor is pin processor. So it does not provide you good performance. You also have to increase your graphics. I am giving you a configuration. If you want to use XP SP3, you will have to change your requirement.

System Configuration for Windows XP SP3 :

Intel Pentium Dual core 2.00 or higher

ASUS motherboard

2 GB of RAM

512 MB of AGP

350 GB HDD.

You might change your PC into above configuration. You can also use Windows 7.

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Cannot use Windows XP SP3


Mr Sazzad Zaman,

As you describe in you question that your system get quite slow, that is quite obvious while you are going to install Service Pack 3 for Windows XP.

Though as per your system specifications it will not restrict you or give you error that you are not allowed to update your windows with SP3 but due to lots of new services and graphics it will show down your system clock as well as mostly your system bus speed remain captured. So you will get quite lazy response from your system.

So its recommended that you update your system or should stick with SP2 i.e. Service Pack 2.

Mainly the systems requirements do not change a lot while moving from SP2 to SP3 but it is quite clear your system speed and response and another valid reason could be that some other programs you have installed on your system. Hope this answer will be helpful for you.

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