Unable to unhide folders using client username

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I have two users on my note book, now one has administrative privileges and the other one have some restrictions (Client).

I hide folders in my client login and then if i logoff and login with the administrative username and try to unhide the folder it doesn’t show me the hidden folders

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Unable to unhide folders using client username


Hey javaid,

  • There are several solutions that can be implemented to overcome your matter.
  • Method 01
  • Navigate to My Computer > click tools in the menu > Select Folder Options and go to View and locate the button ‘Show hidden Files and Folders’ and select it. If you still unable to see hidden folders follow next method.

Method 02

  • Following methods deals with windows registry. So it’s better to back up registry before the process. Go to Start > Run, then type regedit and press Enter
  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows
  • CurrentVersionExplorerAdvancedFolderHiddenSHOWALL
  • Locate the key ‘ CheckedValue’ and  Double Click the  key and modify it to “1“. This enables to show all the hidden files.
  • Method 03
  • If all above steps were unsuccessful try this.Open notepad and Copy & Paste the following code.
  • "RegPath"="Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVe rsion\Explorer\Advanced"
  • "Text"="@shell32.dll,-30500"
  • "Type"="radio"
  • "CheckedValue"=dword:00000001
  • "ValueName"="Hidden"
  • "DefaultValue"=dword:00000002
  • "HKeyRoot"=dword:80000001
  • "HelpID"="shell.hlp#51105"
  • Save the file as "ShowAll.reg" and then place it in to My Computer and double click on it.  Confirm the dialogue box. This will add a Registry Entry to show all hidden files and folders.
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Unable to unhide folders using client username


Hi your question is that when you log on to limited user you can not

  • Unhide the hidden folder. Lets I tell you the whole situation about this question
  • Client user can not have permission to do this because this is a limited user.
  • First log on to your administrator
  • Open my computer and click on option Tools from menu bar
  • Then click on Folder Option
  • A dialogue box will open click on view Tab.
  • Then check the option "Show hidden files"
  • If you want to see the system files then uncheck the "Hide protected operating system files.

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