My Netbook doesn’t switch on

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I have 7" netbook which is dead other than the red light when the charger is connected. It will not switch on. The reset button does nothing. The netbook is branded 'Disgo netbook 3000' but looks like Anyka machines I have seen online, and the specification (ARM 7802 win CE5) looks the same. Before I start to fix it, am I likely to be chasing a hardware problem, or could this fault be cured by re-installing firmware?

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My Netbook doesn’t switch on


Hai Lina,

Your laptop seems to have a hardware fault. Software faults usually have hints of where/what the problem is. Take for example booting error due to a malfunction caused by the hard drive or missing bootsect file. Software faults have error messages to guide you trouble shoot.

Every computer has to run a quick check, before it loads the operating system in memory. This means before it can access the operating system, your computer ought to come on with or with an operating system on it. An error you could expect at start up is a bootstrap loader error.

The bootstrap loader, loads the software necessary to run the computer system before the operating system is loaded. In a nut shell, I would suggest you have your power supply system checked.


Kind regards,


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My Netbook doesn’t switch on


We have a possible hardware and firmware issue. Netbook is not turning on because of the numbers of possible issue. Battery is not charged and is out of energy or empty. The switch button is not functioning because it might be out of shape and it hanged-up.

All these reasons are the factors why netbook won't turn on plus add to this is the power adapter is not properly plugged in or it doesn't' have power source. To eliminate the problem of hardware issue inside your netbook, try to plug in the power adapter from your netbook to a power source. Then turn on your computer but if still won't reboot then you can do next steps below.

Replace the battery charger if you have an extra. Make sure that the battery is compatible to your netbook and or specifically used for netbook only. After replacing, turn your netbook on and wait until it restarts but if not then do next thing. Check any defects on the side, damaged or if there is any light indicator that it did turn on but the monitor is not lighting up.

If everything fails, then I would suggest to look after the person you bought this netbook. This has to be check the netbook expert for possible defect of hardware inside.

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My Netbook doesn’t switch on


Hello Lina,

Your notebook seems to be a clone machine, and clone machines pose some problems since they have hardware from different manufacturers put together, which can result to possible compatibility issues among the components.

The problem could be resulting as a result of firmware, which you should try installing and see if it may fix the problem before you look into other solutions.

Another thing you may want do is to contact the vendor who sold you the machine so that they may fix the problem for you, in case you still have the warranty. This is because the problem may require replacement of some hardware components that might be responsible for the problem.


Lee Hung

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My Netbook doesn’t switch on



Your system is most likely not getting power from the charger. Try and see if the connector that connects the charger to your computer is not broken or has no frayed wires. If it doesn't, try using a compatible charger that's known to be working. If it still doesn't work try it without the battery.

If it still doesn't work, you most likely have a defective motherboard, or at least the port where you connect your charger is broken and needs a replacement. While it can be the port, it can also be the circuitry that connects the port to the rest of the motherboard.

Thank you. Hope it helps.

Clair june

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My Netbook doesn’t switch on


I also experienced the same problem. Thank you very much, Clair june. I plug the AC adapter without the battery and the netbook turned on.

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