Home Remedies For Lcd Tv Screen Scratch Repair.

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Scratches affect the quality of the picture. Though deep scratches are difficult to remove, there are some home remedies for lcd tv screen scratch repair.

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Home Remedies For Lcd Tv Screen Scratch Repair.


1) Proper

materials Paper towels and Windex are the worst things used to clean a screen of TV. They are harsh and can cause more scratches leading to dull appearance. Use rubbing alcohol mixed with distilled water for cleaning. Use microfiber cloth to prevent damage to the screen.

2) Rubbing alcohol

First clean the screen with diluted alcohol mixture. Then rub the scratch with microfiber cloth. Ensure you do it in a circular motion. Continue till the scratch goes off. Add more rubbing alcohol to the solution if it does not work. This method is used for light scratches. It fills the scratch. 

3) Petroleum jelly

It fills the scratches. Cotton is taken and a small amount of jelly is put on it. Microfiber cloth is used to wipe the screen. Put the jelly and remove the excess with microfiber cloth. Clean the scratch area with rubbing alcohol.

4) White eraser

Take a brand new eraser with no pencil marks which can damage the screen. Rub the eraser till the scratch disappears. Remove the eraser rubbing with soft cloth.

5) Scratch repair kit If the above home remedies do not work then invest in a repair kit.

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