My ipod doesn’t work even plugged to my computer

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I have 4th generation 20gig iPod about 4 months old seems to have died. it is because every time I switch it on lately,the apple logo appears followed by a folder with an explanation mark. I tried plug it into my pc but it won't recognize it.

I went also to the Apple website to seek for help. It said reformat my iPod or reset it. But I can't do either of these things as the computer won't recognize that it is connected. I'm thinking of sending this back to be serviced or replaced.

But I just wanted to check if you have ideas on how to resolve my issue first. 

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My ipod doesn’t work even plugged to my computer


Hi Steeve,

There's a way to be able for your iPod to be detected by computer. You just need to fix your mobile device driver service on your computer. To be able to do this, click start and then on search bar, type in services.msc and click ok. By doing this, services will open up.

Search for mobile device driver and once located, double click it to be able to open properties.  Take a look at general tab and then fins start-up type and select automatic. Make sure that you check the service status of the general tab and then click start button. If you have done all these process, try to reconnect your iPodon your computer again. Best of luck!


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My ipod doesn’t work even plugged to my computer


Hello Steve,

Have you tried using it on another computer apart from yours? You should try that because the USB ports on your computer may be faulty, or may be the USB cable for your IPod may be faulty. You should also try installing iTunes on your computer and then try using connecting the iPod and see if it will be detected.

If the iPod requires that you have some drivers of it installed, ensure that you have done that. Otherwise contact the customer support of the people who sold you, they should help you fix the problem and get a replacement for the iPod.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung

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