My Dell Inspiron 14R is dead !!!

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I have a Inspiron 14R laptop and it just become dead. When I go to repair it, they say my laptop's power chipset is gone. Where can I find another one? How much it will cost?

I am so worried I can't Switch ON my laptop. It’s so boring here.

Please help me.

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My Dell Inspiron 14R is dead !!!


Hello theresajmickens. Welcome to Can you give what does the behavior of your laptop when you press the power button does the lights blinks? Or it only lights up without displaying anything on the screen? Or plug your charger does the charge power lights? Or if you press the power button does the fan of your laptop spin?

Because if you say that there is no totally reaction no single light that blinks or lights up then no other than the power supply of your laptop is already damage. The cause of this is over used 24 hours a day no shutdown with the charger always plug even using it. Laptop does not design for heavy use if buy a computer next time you should buy a desktop computer if want to turn it on 24/7 always. Power supply of laptops is hard to find because of fast production on it in every month there is a new model. If there is a Dell support in your area then you should bring it to them maybe they can fix it for you.

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