Know About Hardware Components Of A Laptop

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I just opted for Computer Science course but do not know anything about the computers. I want to start from the beginning and before that need to know everything about the hardware components of a laptop. Please guide me in the right direction.

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Know About Hardware Components Of A Laptop


The hardware of your laptop consists of

• Central Processing Unit (CPU): It is the brain of your computer. It is a very tiny, high-tech Integrated circuit that acts the main processor.

• A monitor/laptop screen: It is that part of your computer that displays the data as the output to the users. Nowadays, it also comes with a touchscreen in which input can be entered using the touch of our finger.

• Keyboard: It is another most essential part of a laptop, through which the input enters to the computer by various commands which are process on pressing the keys.

• Touchpad: A touchpad allows a user to point and click on an object displayed on-screen. Its functions are same as that of a mouse. The only difference being that; in a touchpad the motion of our finger is trace unlike the movement of the whole mouse.

• Webcam, Speakers and Microphone: These are the computer peripherals that allow the user to produce images, listen to music, record your voice, and talk to each other via video chatting.

• Ports: The various slots provided at the sides of your laptop are called ports. These are used to connect various other components such as the printer, projector, USB, Headphone, etc. to the laptop.

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